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Community photo entitled Filtered white light solar image by David Hoskin on 05/13/2024 at Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Filtered white light solar image

On 05/13/2024 10:30 am by David Hoskin| Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Giant sunspot complex AR3664 (inset) will soon be out of view. In all, there are 11 sunspot groups visible on the Earth-facing side of the Sun today.

Dwarf 2 smart telescope for the solar disc; Orion 102mm MCT with Baader solar filter, Player One Apollo-Mini M camera, Explore Scientific EQ3 mount for the inset.

For solar disc 50 frames were stacked and sharpened using Photoshop; for the inset, 250 frames were stacked with AutoStakkert, wavelets adjusted with Registax, other post-processing with Photoshop and PhotoScape X.