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Community photo entitled Storm at sunset by Christoph Stopka on 07/07/2024 at Westcliffe, Colorado USA

Storm at sunset

On 07/07/2024 08:04 pm by Christoph Stopka| Westcliffe, Colorado USA

No doubt, the "Monsoon Season" has begun in Colorado: Thunderstorms are an almost daily occurrence, and all outdoor activities are best done in the morning. Except if you are into photography. Because this is the prime season for photographers and Nature lovers, since this is the time when the most dramatic cloud formations appear in the sky. And some of these vapor creations - loaded with high voltage lightning - are simply breathtaking, such as the monstrous storm cloud I was lucky enough to witness and capture on Sunday around sunset time. All afternoon, numerous smaller thunderstorms had been popping up and drifting over the vast Wet Mountain Valley of Colorado, but around 6 p.m. three of these storms suddenly merged into one single storm cell, literally exploding into a gigantic storm complex with a mushroom shaped tower reaching high into the evening sky with wild cloud formations billowing and churning along the outside wall, and big, dark openings, that looked as if they were getting ready to swallow the entire landscape. This was one nasty looking system and truly awe inspiring, especially with the deep orange of the sunset reflecting dramatically off the massive cloud. Absolutely spectacular and probably one of the most intense storm clouds I have witnessed so far. And even now looking at the incredible details in this photo feels like reading a good book with many twists and turns, still discovering new details of this cloud the longer I look at the image.

Nikon D 850, Sigma 24-70mm, polarizing filter, Tripod

Minor adjustments in LIGHTROOM