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Community photo entitled A Moonlit Cityscape by Saqlain Haider on 06/21/2024 at Pattoki,Punjab,Pakistan

A Moonlit Cityscape

On 06/21/2024 08:05 pm by Saqlain Haider| Pattoki,Punjab,Pakistan

In the quiet of night, the Moonlight Softly Shines on Scattered Clouds Above, Casting a Gentle, Soothing Glow over the Bright Cityscape Below.
The Stillness of the Moment Envelops the World in a Peaceful Embrace, Filling Hearts with wonder and Serenity.
A Scene of Beauty and Magic that Stirs the Soul, Reminding Us of the Quiet Mysteries that Unfold Under the Watchful Eye of the Moon.
25mm| ƒ1.8 | S 1/241 | ISO 50
Samsung S20 Ultra

Samsung S20 Ultra with Expert Raw Camera

Post Process in Adobe Lightroom Mobile