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Community photo entitled Ngc 5128 by david collis-bird on 05/01/2024 at winmalee ,lower blue mts,nsw   australia

Ngc 5128

On 05/01/2024 09:00 pm by david collis-bird| winmalee ,lower blue mts,nsw australia

This galaxy lies around 12 million lightyrs ,I believe that a spiral galaxy sliced an eliptical galaxy in half and this is the result.those into radio astronomy would no doubt consider it to be loud.

Main instrument is a gso RC-16" _essatto_3" focuser.6200mc zwo camera@-10deg.Mounted on a cem120 ioptron.
The original mirror springs I found were insufficent for for the job ,I replaced them with peugeot car valve springs(not a job for the faint hearted) it can be terrifying. Re assembly of the truss is not a simple job either.
Now collimation is much more stable down to once a week if that.

Shooting at binx2 gives a resolution of .47 arcs /pixel.exposure is only 300x10secs,Processed in pixinsite blur setting was.13 star sharpening .16 on the galaxy
This nite was a night most of us dream of having with everything operating as it should.
I haven't yet had another night to add data to this image without degrading the outcome.