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Community photo entitled Saturn on Edge by Wo Wehali on 06/08/2024 at Atlanta, GA

Saturn on Edge

On 06/08/2024 05:00 am by Wo Wehali| Atlanta, GA

I set my clock to wake me before dawn (4 a.m.) and was greeted by a quietly rising Saturn in the southeast. The temperature was refreshingly cool and dry for June in the southeastern United States. Quiet and virtually still, except for a light breeze, it seemed as if I was the only living being awake on the planet. I had set up some of my gear the night before so I was off and running (Orion 180mm Mak-Cass, ZWO ASI 224MC, laptop, chaise lounge). According to my Starry Night software, Saturn will display the least amount of tilt this month before March 2025 as the planet will wobble throughout the rest of the year. Saturn will be very close to the Sun in March and challenging to observe/image.

Orion 180mm Mak, ZWO ASI 224MC, Firecapture

Registax 6, Photoshop