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Community photo entitled  by Jeremy Likness on 03/16/2024 at Agate Beach, Newport, OR, USA

On 03/16/2024 09:05 pm by Jeremy Likness| Agate Beach, Newport, OR, USA

At Agate beach, a ship light glows red on the horizon. If you look carefully, you can see the light from the lighthouse fan out from Yaquina Head like a headlight. Above the ship is the distinctive comet 12P/Pons-Brooks threading the needle between the Triangulum galaxy to the left and the Andromeda galaxy to the right. Jupiter shines brightly to the left, beneath the Pleiades. I timed the shot so I could capture the ISS transit that happened at 9:05pm that evening. This is a composite of a 30s 20mm shot, 10 25s 50mm shot for the details of the comet and a timelapse of the ISS transit.

Sony A7R IV Mirrorless Camera
Rokinon 20mm (scene)
Samsung 50mm (comet details)
ZWO AM5 mount