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Community photo entitled  by Basudeb Chakrabarti on 03/08/2024 at Gharwan, Himachal Pradesh, India

On 03/08/2024 07:30 pm by Basudeb Chakrabarti| Gharwan, Himachal Pradesh, India

The Galaxy & the Comet
Currently located in the Andromeda constellation, comet 12P/Pons-Brooks is 247,124,592 kilometers away from Earth. Being at a dark location, Samit Raz Saha has the opportunity to capture this magnificent Comet along with the Andromeda Galaxy on 7th March, 2024. I sincerely thank Samit Saha for giving me the opportunity to post process the data.

Jean-Louis Pons made the initial discovery of Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks, a periodic comet of the Halley type, on July 12, 1812. William Robert Brooks made an independent discovery of the comet in 1883. Its orbital period is approximately 71.3 years. The comet's perihelion, or closest approach to the Sun, is approximately 0.78 astronomical units (AU), while its aphelion, or farthest point from the Sun, is approximately 17.2 AU. Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks is anticipated to peak in brightness in April, when it could be visible to the unaided eye.

DOP: 08.03.2024
Location – Gharwan, Himachal Pradesh, India
Nikon Z6 II
Samyang 135 mm F2.0
Sky: 40 X 60 sec, F2.0, ISO 400
FG: 60 sec ISO 200
Pixinsight, Photoshop
Author: Samit Saha, Basudeb Chakrabarti

Nikon Z6 II
Samyang 135mm F2.0
I Optron Sky Guider Pro

Pixinsight, Photoshop