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Community photo entitled  by Tameem Altameemi on 02/23/2024 at Dubai - United Arab Emirates

On 02/23/2024 05:30 pm by Tameem Altameemi| Dubai - United Arab Emirates

I managed to photograph the giant sunspot 3590 through my telescope, our Sun regularly features “freckles”, called sunspots that appear on the surface of the Sun. These sunspots are areas of strong magnetic fields that appear as dark spots due to their relatively cooler temperatures in comparison to the region around them.
AR3590 is quite active, producing several strong solar flares over the last few days. While none of these have been Earth-directed, it’s a sign this particular sunspot is quite unstable and capable of producing Earth-directed flares that could be geoeffective in the coming days as it turns to face our planet.

‏🔭 Celestron CPC 800
‏📸 ZWO ASI662 (spot)
‏📸 ZWO ASI294MC (full desk)

Details added through Photoshop