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Community photo entitled  by Jeremy Likness on 02/03/2024 at Newport, OR, USA

On 02/03/2024 10:30 pm by Jeremy Likness| Newport, OR, USA

Lo and behold, the Pacific Northwest had a clear night during the rain season! It was glorious, so I tried out my new set up with a HyperStar. This effectively reduces the focal length of my telescope from its native 2350mm to 510mm and transforms it from an f/10 to an f/2. Theoretically, it should image 25x faster than without the HyperStar. To put it to the test I captured 56 minutes of 30-second and 60-second exposures. I was very happy with the result. This is M42, M43, and NGC1977: the Great Orion Nebula, DeMairan's Nebula, and the Running Man Nebula.

Celestron EdgeHD 9.25" with HyperStar
ASI294MC Pro
Optolong L-eXtreme filter
ZWO AM5 mount