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Community photo entitled  by Jeremy Likness on 01/16/2024 at Newport, OR, USA

On 01/16/2024 02:00 am by Jeremy Likness| Newport, OR, USA

Can't get enough of these winter sapphires. It all started with the thought, "What would it look like if I combined my monochrome camera data with the one-shot color data that I captured with HyperStar?" The answer...

Redcat 71 + ZWO EFW 8x1.25" + ZWO ASI294MM Pro
Celestron EdgeHD 9.25" + HyperStar + Optolong L-Pro + ZWO ASI294MC Pro
ZWO AM5 Mount

Stacked R, G, B, and CFA data. Split CFA data into R, G, and B channels, then extracted stars and ran PixelMath of max($T,CFA[channel]) on each monochrome file. Discarded CFA and cloned R, G, B. Stretched and extracted stars. On the non-clones, exterminated stars and ran unsharpmask iteratively followed by a Masked Stretch set to .2 background. The normalized background was combined using LRGB and denoised. Use a combination of ExponentialTransformation and slight curves adjustments to bring out details in the dust.