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Community photo entitled  by Tameem Altameemi on 01/05/2024 at Ras Al Khaimah Mountains, UAE

On 01/05/2024 11:00 pm by Tameem Altameemi| Ras Al Khaimah Mountains, UAE

The Dolphin Head nebula (really looks like it's namesake), also known as SH2-308 emission nebula lies about 5,200 light-years away in the constellation Canis Major, the massive star itself, a Wolf-Rayet star, is the bright blue one near the center of the nebula. Wolf-Rayet stars have over 20 times the mass of the Sun and are thought to be in a brief, pre-supernova phase of massive star evolution. Fast winds from this Wolf-Rayet star create the bubble-shaped nebula as they sweep up slower moving material from an earlier phase of evolution. The windblown nebula has an age of about 70,000 years.

This nebula covers over 2/3 degree on the sky (compared with 1/2 degree for the Full Moon).

Shot over the nights of 17/12/2023, 4/01/2024 to 6/01/2024, total of 355 images (11 Hours 50 minutes), but I end up removing almost 120 images, due to some high clouds passed and when it was down near the horizon (light pollution)

Main Scope:
For Full image: Skywatcher Evostar 72ED Apo Refractor F.L 420mm
Guiding Scope: Svbony Mini Guider Scope 30mm/120mm F4

Mount: Skywatcher AZEQ-5 Pro Synscan Goto
Main camera: ZWO ASI294MC -Pro cooled camera
Guide camera: ZWO ASI120mm
ZWO EAF focuser: 5V EAF

Imaging Software: AsiAir

AsiAir Plus
L-enhancs Filter

Stacking Programs:

Photoshop to add watermark

Full Image Details:
Camera temp: 0°C
Gain: 120
Light: 235 x 120sec
Darks: 50
Bais: 100
Flats: 50
Total: 7 hours 44 Minutes
4 Days of Data.