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Community photo entitled  by Jeremy Likness on 12/30/2023 at Newport, OR, USA

On 12/30/2023 02:20 pm by Jeremy Likness| Newport, OR, USA

I'm new to solar photography, so I was excited to try out my new Coronado PST during a break in the clouds today. I could see through the eye piece the flares and there was one huge, stretched flare I wanted to capture but unfortunately missed out on. I couldn't find focus with my cameras attached, so I took some with my cellphone and then decided to throw in a Barlow (PowerMate). That got me into focus, and this is my first hydrogen alpha solar photograph (not on a phone camera)!

Coronado PST 40mm (not double-stacked)
TeleVue PowerMate 2.5x
ZWO AM5 Mount

PIPP, AstroSurface, PixInsight