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Community photo entitled  by Osama Fathi on 12/14/2023 at White Desert Egypt

On 12/14/2023 09:00 pm by Osama Fathi| White Desert Egypt

A human-shaped rock look like observing the Geminids

A rock with a human shape that appears to be watching the Geminids

For the first time, this place has been photographed with the night sky, as this area requires some permits to enter

This rock, which we decided to camp near, we photographed with the sky, especially on the night of the peak of the Geminid meteors.

We directed the camera at this part for about two hours and captured the meteors in the picture

Since this rock has not yet been named, I called it the "Sky' Observer" Rock

Nikon z6 Mod
Nikkor 14-24 mm

Sky and Foreground: Single Shot , 30Sec Sec, ISO 2500, f2.8
Meteors: 50 * 8 sec, ISO 10000, f2.8