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Community photo entitled  by Eliot Herman on 12/15/2023 at Tucson  AZ

On 12/15/2023 02:33 am by Eliot Herman| Tucson AZ

Three days of Geminid photography (day before, peak, day after) and watching in Tucson Arizona, with five cameras and over 20,000 photos to cull through as well as watching many hours. My score was well over 100 and counting on photographs that were bright enough to be worthwhile to download and in hours of watching saw about that many good Geminids. No amazing huge fireballs as in some years, yet, but many bright ones such as this one. Sitting in my backyard, on a rotating Televue stool to scan the sky wearing a heated shirt and gloves, down jacket, fortified with hot drinks, it was a nice three nights of seeing and capturing many good meteors. This photo captures something of my observing experience.

Nikon D850 and Sigma 14 mm lens