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Community photo entitled  by Eliot Herman on 11/14/2023 at Utah Remote Desert Observatory

On 11/14/2023 09:00 pm by Eliot Herman| Utah Remote Desert Observatory

Comet 12P Pons-Brooks is now its fourth major outburst since July and only two weeks since its last outburst. Called the "Devil Comet" in the news because of the shape of its coma in prior outbursts this is an active Halley-family comet that will be bright next Spring and close to the Sun during the April eclipse. The montage shown encompasses the period from the prior November 1st outburst through its fading and a renewed outburst on November 14th 2023. The daily changes in the comet make this an interesting object to observe.The outbursts appear to be getting more frequent as the comet approaches the Sun in its orbit.

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