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Community photo entitled  by Diane Rains on 10/21/2023 at Hudson WI USA

On 10/21/2023 02:43 am by Diane Rains| Hudson WI USA

Aurora borealis can be fickle. Sometimes those magical northern lights arrive on schedule just as data predicts. And sometimes they suddenly knock on the door like an uninvited (but nevertheless welcome) guest.

This week on a night when aurora prediction data was dull dull, dull I awoke at 1:00 am on a hunch and peered out my bedroom window. There it was, the unmistakable magical glow of aurora on the northern horizon.

For 3 hours I sacrificed sleep to partake in nature's most glorious light show. This was a fine, mesmerizing aurora, not just for the camera lens (which reveals hidden colors) but for the naked eye as well. During its peak, fountains of light shot right up through the heart of The Star Dragon – the constellation Draco.

But that's not all! That night Lady Aurora gave me two gifts – her flowing, filmy dance of veils and her song. The two of us, then, reveled in Our Wild Aurora Hearts!




(This is a sneak preview! Neptune's Keep will record a fully developed version OTOD – One Of These Days!)

Words, music, vocal, celesta, and piano by Diane Rains.
Copyright © 2023 by Diane Laura Rains. All Rights Reserved.

∞∞∞ LYRICS ∞∞∞

Colors roll across the sky
far too dazzling for the human eye.
Take my hand and come away! The music starts!

We’ll go waltzing through the night
on a bridge of dragon fire delight.
Come away! Dance with our wild aurora hearts!

Panasonic Lumix FZ200

tweaked exposure and saturation just a little