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Community photo entitled  by Charlie Favret on 10/14/2023 at Medina, Texas, USA

On 10/14/2023 01:30 pm by Charlie Favret| Medina, Texas, USA

A view of the Annular Eclipse from Medina, Texas. The morning started off cloudy at sunrise, luckily the skies cleared up 10 minutes before first contact between the moon and the sun. The full range of the eclipse fit within the field of view of a 17mm lens on an Olympus EM-5 (equivalent to 38mm lens). It is 53 exposures at a three and a half minute interval and maps out the graceful movement of the moon and the sun through the sky.

Olympus EM-5 with 17mm lens and solar filter

Minor exposure adjustments in Lightroom, images stacked in StarStax