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Community photo entitled  by OSAMA FATHI on 08/11/2023 at White Desert, Egypt

On 08/11/2023 12:00 am by OSAMA FATHI| White Desert, Egypt

Meteor Shower and Milky Way panorama over the rabbit stone white desert

A panorama of Rabbit Rock and the Milky way arc, the White Desert

While the Perseid meteors pour down on the White Desert over one of the most famous landmarks in the White Desert in Egypt, which is the Rabbit Rock.

Nikon Z6 Mod, Skywacher star adventurer tracker , nikkor 14_24 mm

Settings :

-Milky way Stacked Tracked panorama 24 photos2rows*8 columns ( 3 min , ISO 1000) at 24 mm
-Foreground :8photos 1 Row ( 20 sec Iso 3200 at 24mm )
Meteors : 1888 photos to catch the meteors

Softwares: Deep Sky Stacker , Pixinsight ,Adobe Photoshop 2022, Astrotools