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Community photo entitled  by Osama Fathi on 08/12/2023 at White Desert, Egypt

On 08/12/2023 04:00 am by Osama Fathi| White Desert, Egypt

The single tree in the White Desert National Park, the Acacia Tree or Elsanta, is 300 years old and still growing. It is extremely unique because it is alone and grows above the rocks with its roots over the rock.

Perseid Meteor Shower over the tree of Acasia with milkyway .

taking a nighttime trip to the specific place in order to witness the Perseid meteor shower

Nikon Z6 Mod, Sky Watcher star adventurer, Nikkor 14-24 mm

Milky Way stacked tracked (79 photos , 20 Sec, ISO 5000, f2.8 @24 mm)
Foreground: 20 sec, ISO 5000, f2.8 @24 mm
Meteors : 980 photos to catch the meteors