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Community photo entitled  by Basudeb Chakrabarti on 05/17/2023 at Pangong, Ladakh, India

On 05/17/2023 11:00 pm by Basudeb Chakrabarti| Pangong, Ladakh, India

Airglow & Milky Way
I'm very excited to share this image of the Milky Way core ie, Sagittarius Arm that Soumyadeep and I took on our wonderful Astrophotography trip in Pangong, Ladakh. The incredible sight we saw that night, with the stars appearing to be painted on the pitch-black canvas of the night sky, is indescribable.
But there's more! Additionally, this image shows the interesting airglow phenomenon. In truth, the delicate green and red hues that blend with the Milky Way are brought on by a number of chemical processes that take place in the atmosphere of Earth. The oxygen and nitrogen molecules in the upper atmosphere, which are energised by sunlight during the day, release energy at night in the form of these stunning hues. It's like nature is putting on its own light show, adding to the appeal of the night sky and elevating this photograph even further.
Moments like these serve as a constant reminder of how incredibly wonderful our cosmos is and how fortunate we are to experience such natural beauties. We hope this picture makes you feel in awe of the beauty all around us and encourages you to go out and discover the undiscovered wonders of the world. Happy seeing the stars and exploring the world, everyone!

Nikon Z6 II, Tokina Opera 16-28
I-Optron Sky Guider Pro
Benro Rhino Series Tripod

Sky: 5 X 90 sec at 16mm
F2.8, ISO 1600
Foreground: 3 X 90 sec at F9.0 ISO 1600
Sequator, Pixinsight, Photoshop