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Community photo entitled  by Osama Fathi on 07/01/2023 at Cairo

On 07/01/2023 12:00 am by Osama Fathi| Cairo

The Sun near the Apogee and The Moon at Perigee Apparent Angular sizes
JULY 2023, Cairo, Egypt

On 1th July the earth was near at its Apogee and with the distance from the sun 152.09 Mio.Km and the apparent Diameter / Angular size of the Sun was 31.5'

On July 3, the Full Buck Moon, the moon was at the nearest point to the earth and it was a super Moon, with a distance of 361934 Km and an apparent Diameter or Angular size of the Sun of 32.6'

The sun created more than 160 sunspots in June, the most for a single month in almost two decades. a huge Sunspot over than 10 times of the earth's diameter on the sun

For Sun :
Skywatcher sky adventurer tracker , RedCat 51, DayStar Quark Chromosphere , UV-IR cut filter , ZWO 294

For the Moon:
Skywatcher sky adventurer tracker , RedCat 51, Celesetron 3X barlow, ZWO 294

PIPP to convert video to TIFF frames , Autostakkert 3 for stacking , Adobe Photoshop