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Community photo entitled  by Basudeb Chakrabarti on 05/16/2023 at Hanle, Ladakh, India

On 05/16/2023 01:00 am by Basudeb Chakrabarti| Hanle, Ladakh, India

Usually during stacking of our Astrophotography Images, the stacking softwares use a special technique called Pixel Rejection method which removes the unwanted satellite trails from our stacked image. But to show the pollution/problem caused by the man-made Artificial Satellites in Astronomy, I have used a special technique to produce this image which was captured during our latest Astrophotography Worksdhop at Hanle, Ladakh. I have stacked the images in normal way to produce the main image and stacked another image to get the Satellite trails. Then I have blended these images together to produce the final image.

Exif: Nikon Z6-II, Tokina Opera 16-28
I-Optron Sky Guider Pro
Benro Rhino Series Tripod
30X60 sec, F4, ISO4000, @16mm

Post Processing: Sequator, Pixinsight, Photoshop