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Community photo entitled  by Karthik Easvur on 01/17/2023 at New Delhi

On 01/17/2023 05:55 am by Karthik Easvur| New Delhi

Today, early morning, I tried photographing the Comet C/2022 E3 ZTF from my terrace. I was able to photograph it. Hope it becomes brighter in the coming days so that it becomes visible to our naked eyes.

ZWO 533MC PRO camera with 150-600mm Sigma lens on Skywatcher Star adventurer 2i pro mount with autoguiding.

Total exposure ~30m
Subs: 60s f6.3 Gain100 offset10 400mm
Cooled to 0C
ZWO IRUV cut filter
Darks and flats used
Guiding: PHD2
Image acquisition: NINA
Stacked using DSS using comet mode and comet+star mode. And both the images were blended.
Edited in Pixinsight & Photoshop 2022.