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Community photo entitled  by Karthik Easvur on 10/18/2022 at New Selhi

On 10/18/2022 11:50 pm by Karthik Easvur| New Selhi

The Mars was seen near a supernova remnant, namely the Crab nebula. This pic was taken from my terrace in New Delhi.

533MC PRO with 135mm f2.0 Samyang lens on Skywatcher Star adventurer 2i pro mount with autoguiding.

Total exposure ~4h
Subs: 300s f2.8 Gain50 offset10 135mm
Cooled to 0C
ZWO Duo-Band filter
Darks and flats used
Guiding: PHD2
Image acquisition: NINA
Stacked using DSS
Edited in Pixinsight &Photoshop 2022.