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Community photo entitled  by Robert R Gaudet on 10/03/2022 at Pennfield, New Brunswick, Canada

On 10/03/2022 02:00 pm by Robert R Gaudet| Pennfield, New Brunswick, Canada

Sunspot AR 3112... about 5x the size of the Earth, about 18 individual spots make up this cluster.

Meade 8 inch Lx200 classic, ZWO ASI224mc planetary camera, ASTF 200 Baader Solar Filter.

The SER file captured by my ZWO ASI 224mc was processed in Autostakkert for stacking 5000 video frames...the best 25% stacked.... used Registax 6 to bring out details of the sunspots and faculae... used Gimp to create a yellow orange color for the suns disk.