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Community photo entitled  by Eliot Herman on 09/27/2022 at Siding Springs Australia

On 09/27/2022 03:00 am by Eliot Herman| Siding Springs Australia

This is 17 h post impact showing a tail emerging in the 2 o'clock position of the asteroid, there also seems to be a coma structure between the 10 and 12 o'clock position. Another feature is visible at 7 o'clock These features are seen in low resolution here and in amazing detail in the Hubble images. Moving fast so the stars streak being synchronized on the asteroid.

see the Hubble impact and post impact photos for amazing detail <a href="https://hubblesite.org/contents/news-releases/2022/news-2022-047" rel="noreferrer nofollow">hubblesite.org/contents/news-releases/2022/news-2022-047</a>

iTelescope T17

7 x 120 sec exposures, stacked and processed with Photoshop