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Community photo entitled  by Robert R Gaudet on 09/03/2022 at Pennfield, New Brunswick Canada

On 09/03/2022 12:30 pm by Robert R Gaudet| Pennfield, New Brunswick Canada

Sunspot 3092 and 3093 and a rather large filament are visible in this capture.

Used a Meade Coranado PST Hydrogen Alpha scope and a ZWO ASI224MC planetary camera, manually guided the mount using alt and az knobs manually... no electronic tracking or guiding.

Used Autostakkert to process the ser file captured by Sharp Cap Pro, Best 10% of 2000 frames. Processed to get an inverted image and other details using IMPPG, then used Gimp to adjust the color balance of the image. This process in a work in progress as I am still in the development stages of learning Sharp cap.