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Community photo entitled  by Robert R. Gaudet on 08/03/2022 at Pennfield, New Brunswick, Canada

On 08/03/2022 11:00 am by Robert R. Gaudet| Pennfield, New Brunswick, Canada

I've been into astronomy since I was 16 years old....and purchased a Meade lx200 8 inch classic 22 years ago and it still works great. I have only started imaging three years ago and recently borrowed a Meade coranado PST to see what I could come up with. With a lot of support from friends in support groups and clubs I was able to capture this photo.

Meade Coranado PST hydrogen alpha solar scope, celestron nexstar 6Se mount, ZWO ASI224MC planetary camera.

I captured this image of our Sun using a Meade Coranado PST hydrogen alpha solar scope attached to a celestron nexstar 6Se mount for tracking purposes. By using a ZWO ASI224MC planetary camera and Sharp Cap Pro, I captures about 5000 frames and stacked the best 15% using Autostakkert. From there I processed the stacked image in IMPPG for deconvolution and unaware mask. I then reversed the photo and adjusted the histogram as to bring out more detail on the solar surface and the rather large prominence as seen in the photo. Final small edits were finished up using PS.