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Community photo entitled  by Karthik Easvur on 12/11/2021 at Madurai, Tamilnadu, India

On 12/11/2021 03:03 am by Karthik Easvur| Madurai, Tamilnadu, India

Sombrero Galaxy from my balcony.
It is around 30 million light-years away from Earth.
It's known for its bright nucleus, dust lane across the central bulge and super massive black hole in its centre. It's called Sombrero due the resemblance to Mexican hat. This galaxy is situated between the borders of the Virgo and Corvus constellations.
Whenever I photograph a galaxy it reminds me of the fact that we are just a dust particle in this massive universe.

Canon 200D with 150-600mm Sigma lens on Skywatcher Star adventurer 2i pro mount.
Exposure time ~40min.
Sub exposures: 500mm f6.3 ISO1600 45s

Stacked in DeepSkyStacker. Edited in Siril and Photoshop